​ Walk through Savannah's History along  forgotten footpaths of the city. This Tour  covers the story of urban slavery, the slave  trade and the Cotton trade in Savannah.

    The Footprints Tour starts at 10am .                 Summer Hours: 930am 

 For Reservations, please call Vaughnette  Goode-Walker,  912-695-3872 . Payment for  Tour accepted at the conclusion of the Walk.

             Adults - $25*(Gratuity not included) 
                     Children under 12 - $10

*Since the pandemic the Tours are smaller groups. The Walks average two to six people per tour . Masks are required until further notice.  

Footprints of Savannah offers Private Tours. 

    Footprints of Savannah Walking Tours
                    For Reservations 
   Please call Vaughnette Goode - Walker

Footprints of  Savannah Virtual Tours  - $15 per person  
Offered on Tuesday at 6pm - Call 912-695-3872  for reservations 
Email sistavandhistory@gmail.com for  Zoom instructions
Use PayPal for  Virtual Tours only!